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Are you tired of (not) reaching your full potential? Improve your life with daily simple rules instead! There is a moment in your life as a manager where you realize that you can apply some strategic and managerial tools in your companies to improve your life. One commonly used tool is to write a mission…
Despite the importance that the media has in regard to influencing people’s perceptions of wrongdoing, organizational scholars have paid little attention to how the media reports wrongdoing. This article starts to address this gap by considering how the media frames corporate scandals. We empirically examine how four different German newspapers reported on the Volkswagen diesel…
Deinstitutionalization is the process by which practices are abandoned because they have lost their social approval (Oliver, 1992; Scott, 2001). Given that “all institutions are discursive products” (Phillips, Lawrence, & Hardy, 2004: 638), a deinstitutionalization process relies on discursive struggles between actors who push to abandon a practice and those who try to maintain it…


Executive Coach - Personal and Professional

Are you successful in your career, but you feel that something is missing?

I felt the same. This is why, in the last 10 years, I developed a research-based approach to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. This approach is at the core of my top-rated MBA course called “Strategize Your Life® with Simple Rules”.

Corporate Consultant for CSR, ESG and Employee Engagement

Do you want to improve the ethics of your organization and/or your employee engagement?

Thanks to successful years on publishing and teaching in this area, I have created a proven method to implement the concepts of business ethics, CSR, ESG in your organization as well as increasing the engagement and wellbeing of your employees.


About Marco Clemente

Marco Clemente, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor of Strategy and CSR at IESEG School of Management in Paris. Marco has an MSc in Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from HEC Paris. Previously he was a Visiting Ph.D. Scholar at the NYU Stern School of Business, a Post-doc at Aalto University in Helsinki, and an Assistant Professor of Management at Sungkyunkwan University, SKK GSB in Seoul. Before joining Academia, Marco was a marketing manager in the P&G Beauty sector in Rome and Geneva.