Assess your life​

“Oh, this is an interesting tool. I know I should assess my business operations, but I have never thought that I could assess my life…Now that I look at my wheel of life, this is exactly how I feel. I have over-invested in my work…” I was at the Tony Robbins’s event in Rome, and it was the first time that I did my “Wheel of Life.”

I then found out that the “Wheel of Life” is a popular personal development tool, and I now use it for my course “Strategize Your Life with Simple Rules.”

The start of the new year is usually the time to review your life and set goals for the next year. This exercise can help you understand which main area you want to focus on this year.

The metaphor of the “wheel” comes from the fact that a wheel can advance well only if it is balanced.

When people do this exercise, they typically find out that some areas of life are overrated compared to others. Some managers typically assign a higher score to career and finance and a lower one to friends, family, health, or fun.

How to use it?

Step 1. Rate each area of your life from 0 to 10, where 10 is “I am completely satisfied in this area,” and 0 is “I am completely unsatisfied in this area.”

Step 2. Connect the dots.

Step 3. Identify up to three areas among the eight that are the most important for you. Put an asterisk on them.

Step 4. Now, look at the wheel. Which is the area you want to work on? Usually, people choose the area that has the lowest rate among the ones with the asterisks (the ones you considered the most important ones).

This area is your “bottleneck” in your life, the area that would have the most impact on your overall happiness if you improve it.

P.S. There are different versions of the wheel of life that have different names for the areas of life. You can also write down your own areas.